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    I had my pre op on Wednesday and the nurse said I’ve got to stop taking my pill 4 weeks before and can’t start again til 2 weeks after…

    I’m so worried about this as I’ve been on the pill for 6 years and have used it to regulate my periods.
    In the paper work it says if your mestrulating on the date of the op it can be cancelled!
    How did you all go about this?
    Did anyone carry on taking the pill through this whole procedure??

    Rachael 14

    I asked my surgeon this and he said that he rather i stay on mine as the complications coming off are greater than coming off it, but I’ve not heard anyone else been allowed to stay on it I’m so confused xx

    Danielle 18

    Hi becky may i was told to come off and i was worried same of you as i had been on it for 10 years. I stoped and i was fine i stop and started again two weeks later. Due to surgrey i missed a period but this is quite common but my next one was back to normal so i worried for nothing.xx

    Victoria 12

    I’m on the contraceptive pill and I have not been told to come off xx

    Victoria 12

    My op is on the 19th November x

    Sophie 28

    I was told to come off the depo and have the pill instead.. my (depo was due 29th Oct ) operation on 3rd December x

    Sophie 47

    Hi @beckmay 🙂
    I was told to stop taking it 4 weeks before, and start again 2 weeks after. It didn’t mess me around too much tbh. I was one of the unlucky ones and I was on, the day of my op! It wasn’t an issue though, you just tell your nurse and they give you this really weird wool like pad to put into your surgery underwear. Xx


    I think the pill can add to the complication of DVT which is why (I think) they ask you to stop taking it! But I’m sure if you said ‘I understand the risks and I would rather stay on the pill’ that they would let you.
    They just don’t want to be liable that’s all.

    But on another note, perhaps now is a good time to look into other forms of contraception. I have a coil after years and years of being on the pill, and I know it’s not for everyone but I honestly wish I’d switched earlier, so much less hassle ! Just a thought!


    Thanks girls you’ve all put me at ease.
    My op is the 20th December, and I really don’t want to have to cancel it and do a different date because I’ve got my time booked off work.

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