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    I’m thinking of going for a consultation with Dr Fiumara but at my initial consultation Dr Frati was recommended.

    I’m a bit confused about who to go with now, could anyone give me some advice? I don’t want a big increase just big enough to feel out dresses/tops etc.

    I heard that Dr Fiumara is known for only doing small implants and won’t do anything she thinks looks unnatural? I was happy with this so I showed my mum and husband some of her work and they said that i should go bigger than those as I will regret it.

    Obviously I won’t know what she will offer until I meet her but has any help would be great x

    Jodie 37

    I had dr fuimara and she is fab! Her work is amazing. I was a 30a and now I’m a 30dd they look and feel real! I’m so happy with my results and I’m 9 months post op! They look funny at first but after a few weeks you see the changes. She is amazing! The boob God! X

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