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    Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery process wherein unwanted fats in some parts of the body normally the butt, thigh, and stomach are removed and has become popular with nearly all women in these days.
    Even though cosmetic surgery is very popular, it is not however applicable to just anyone who wants to remove unwanted fats as some factors should first be taken into consideration. Good health is a must. People suffering from diabetes, any heart related illnesses and a problem with circulatory system are disqualified to undergo liposuction operation. Have a look at the following link for more info on liposuction:


    Hi, after 2 kids I have been left with the “doughnut” midriff and fat back! Many years of Diet and excercise have not managed to shift this, and so now am seriously thinking of lipo or a similar procedure, has any one any experience or advise? Thanx. Tina

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