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    Hi all

    Hoping you can help. Booked for vaser on the 23rd Oct Fitzroy London. I live in Bristol. No time as yet appoint for the 2 hour vaser treatment I am having.

    Just looking to see if you can make an recommendations or help in any way with travel suggestions. Intending to travel down the night by car and stay in a travel lodge near clinic before but just concerned about parking/congestion charges and wanted to see how others have done this and any tips you may have?

    I would imagine I would need my partner to be able to leave the clinic and pick up the car after the op to pick me up? How accessible will this be?

    Has anyone any idea of hotel costs/parking/congestion etc

    Has anyone stayed out of the city and travelled in on the day?

    Suggestions appreciated.



    There is a holiday inn about 5 mins walk from Fitzroy and it has parking beside it,although my husband and son stayed in the fitzroy hotel as iy was righy next door to hospital,I paid my congestion charge the night before I left,we had to find a car park the would take a van so that was hard but we found one,we got there at 6 Wednesday morning and left Thursday at 10 and we paid £50 to park ,most carparks that’s I looked into was between 36-40 for 24 hours x

    Yana 51

    Try, put in the post code for Fitzroy, and it gives you cheap parking. I paid about 27 quid for 2 days. Some are £6-12 a day. People register their private drive as a business and rent them out. I paid on line, printed off a page to leave in the car that I’m allowed to park there, leave the car. No problems:)
    The congestion charge for 1 day is £11.50 I think. You can pay before you travel or day after. But if you don’t , the fine is £60.


    Hey hun we parked at ncp car park near the holiday inn. Postcode w1w 5ee. Cost £36.30 for the day, (24 hours) more if you stay longer. It was literally a 2 minute walk round the corner from the Fitzroy! You can pre book a space there too which is handy. X


    You dont pay the congestion charge on weekends, so if your op is a saturday or sunday dont worry about it, if its a weekday just pay online. Its £11.50 xx


    Great advice everyone – thank you

    Stayed Fitzroy and parked 3 minutes away – all worked out great.

    Thank you

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