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    Hi girls,

    Are there any of you on here that had tubular breasts before a breast augmentation?

    Mr Traynor has done an amazing job and I’m only on day 5 post op – I just wondered if there are any photos of similar to myself before and after?

    Thanks ????

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    I’m booked in end of march and i’ve got tubular ones too & i’m worried i wont get good end results like everyone else because of this.. how are yours settling now? Do you have any before/afters at all?? Thank youuuuuu


    Hi, I’m at the research/consultation stage. I have (what I believe to be) a mild mush case of tuberous breasts. They even change shape when I’m hot or cold! I’m 24 and have hated my breasts since they started to appear! I’m about a 34A although I’ve never bothered to get measured. I’m sooooo scared of having surgery however I’m just so unhappy. I know my family and boyfriend will go mad at me if I mention it which is why I’m going by myself to the consultation and I’m seeking reassurance on here!

    Just wondered if it was a simple process with having tuberous breasts and which surgeon you had? Xx



    I’m at the consultation stage and have been told I have tuberous breasts which require an uplift and implant.

    I’ve seen 3surgeons so far, but the 2 who are happy to carry out surgery are suggesting different implant placement. Looking for advice on whether ladies with tuberous breasts had implants over muscle or dual plane under muscle???

    Trying to weigh up the pros and cons of both is driving me insane.

    Thanks x


    I’ve been told I have mild tuberous and offered 250cc high profile to suit my breast width. I’m worried they’ll be too small for my frame (I’m 5’8”, size 10, slim/athletic build) and don’t know if anatomical shape will allow me to go bigger? Quite like the fullness a round implant would give though.

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