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    can anyone give me some advice/guidance on their tummy tuck experience. im due to have full tummy tuck in a few weeks, with Mr Marcellino. please message me if you can help 07718255544 thanks. Chelle


    I am also booked in with Mr Marcellino for October, I’m hoping to move it forward to September. I have been waiting 6 years to get this done and I couldn’t be more excited. Are you have yours done before me? Would you share pictures?


    hello love! im booked for 12th September, am defo happy to share any pics etc! ive had mr marcellino twice already and can assure hes amazing. so heres my number 07718255544 message me and we can keep in contact etc. wow 6 years is a long time to wait. its so exciting. thanks chelle x


    Hi ladies I’m at the research stage and shopping around currently it’s so confusing as a lot of choice out there!!! Have you had the procedure? How was it? I have a consultation with Dr Traynor next month. Do you guys have any before and after pics? My number 07715936916. Hope all went to plan ????

    Nik x

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