Ultra high profile?? Still quite hard….. Started by: Tanya Nunan

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  • Tanya Nunan 11

    Hi girls. So I had 295 cc ultra high profile unders just over 10 weeks ago. I absolutely love them they’re quite small I think but they suit my frame perfectly…..anyway the only think I’m curious about….I’m not at all worried but thought I’d see if anyone had similar implants…..is my boobs are still quite high and really hard still like if I were to lie on my side there is very little movement and I couldn’t push them together If I tried but will they get softer eventually? I had a gap before my surgery so I’m
    Aware that that remains the same but just curious as to other people’s experiences
    Please xx

    Bryanna 10

    They say it can take about 3 months for them to feel soft

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