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  • Anna 7

    Okay! So!!! I am so undecided on what the heck to do, half of me wants to scream it to people like my boobs look at them! (Haven’t had them done yet 9th April opp day)

    But my sister in law loves to talk about me and I don’t know if I’m sn be arsed with the helm all talking about my boobs?? Or like my customers ???

    What the heck do I do

    Hayley 4

    I totally kept it to only a couple of supportive people.
    The rest got a cover up story for the week off and if anyone mentions the increase it will be a new bra ?
    But I only had a small 225 implant so easier to blag I think

    Cara 9

    I went from a 32a to 32dd and no one noticed (325cc under). I only told close friends- saved myself the hassle of having too many nosy people asking questions.

    Anna 7

    Fab! Thanks girls! Going to Center Parcs with the other half’s fanily 6 weeks after night wear a top with bikini bottoms rather than a bikini top

    So it’s not as obvious x

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