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  • Chelsea 8

    I’m almost 5 weeks post op and I’m still waking up in pain in he mornings, I’m guessing because I’ve got unders they take longer to heal just didn’t realise it would take this long tbh!
    I still cant push my boobs together yet to get a cleavege is this normal with unders? Or has anyone else experienced this?xx

    Jess 143

    I had unders and didn’t really get much pain after day 5. And I could push my boobs together at about week 4. Some people just heal differently, mention it to your surgeon at your 6 week check up but I wouldn’t say it’s anything to worry about xx

    Chelsea 8

    As long as I’ll eventually be able to move them.. I was worried theyd be stuck like this forever! Thank you girls you’ve put my mind at ease xx

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