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  • Georgia 15

    Hi girls,

    Just wondering has anyone else’s boobs looked slightly different? I am 1 week 1 day post op and I’ve worn my breast band every day and night since, I have taken it off today to wash and realised my right boob is higher up than my left one. Could this be because my left one has dropped quicker ? I feel like it is quite a difference ( attached a picture)

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    Lauren 4

    I havent had mine yet but the nurse said to me at my pre op its completely normal for them to be odd in the first few weeks and not to worry. Sure those who have already had theirs will be able to advise you to their own personal experiences though xx


    It’s not unusual to have one higher than the other for a few weeks or even months. Eventually they should both settle into their pockets at the same level. Mention it to your PS at your check up so they can reassure you but it’s unlikely to be anything to worry about x

    Laura 7

    Hi. I wouldn’t worry, you’re still so soon after your op. Your results will change so much over the next few weeks. I was told that final results can even take 6-12 months for all the swelling to subside xx

    Olivia 4

    Mine were exactly the same. Its because you are probably using the right muscle more so it has not had time to relax as much. It will change I promise. They do drop at different rates.

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