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    Hi ladies,

    So I haven’t found a forum on here yet that includes an uplift, a reduction (called a lower pole reduction) and implants, which is exactly what I’m getting tomorrow! (10 December) Eeeek!

    I’ve never had a problem with my breasts and have always had quite big boobs but age and having a baby has made them disappear! Because my skin is now stretched and quite thin, they suggested I get some breast tissue taken out the bottom of each breast to allow for the weight of the implants going in (I’m getting 250cc over the muscle), which should put me back to my original size of 34DD. I’m currently wearing a 34E due to my boobs being really wide but I have no volume to fill an E cup!

    I will upload before and after pics but if you have any questions, let me know! X

    Laura 1

    Straight after surgery

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    Hey! Whom did you have? Are you happy with results?looking to do the same soon


    I was wondering how your healing and how your recovery has been?
    I’m very similar to you, I’ve always been busty was always around a 32dd before my children I’ve since has 2 boys and breastfed both, I have lots of value lower down but just skin to the top. I’m thinking something similar to what you’ve had done would maybe suit me too, I’m wearing a 36e at present.
    Can I ask your surgeon?
    Hope your doing well.


    Hi Hun, this is the op I am
    Going to go for in the new year. I currently am wearing 34DD /E and have one breast larger than the other so will need a reduction but want an uplift and implant to fill them out. I’ve a lot of emptiness after losing a ton of
    Weight. Which surgeon did you go for? Vic x

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