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    I’ve been saving up for an uplift but after reading through these forums I’m now wondering if it’s worth it? Seems that more people are unhappy than happy and I’m now super nervous about getting it done!
    Does anyone have any after photos of their uplifts without implants please?? X

    Jemma 2

    Hi Emily, I’m super happy after my uplift without implants. My breasts are now where they should be and I’m so glad I had it done! Just to give you a balanced view 😀

    snowlover 1

    i removed my implant 10 weeks ago and got uplift, the wort thing i did was getting implants… it was painful to go to gym or run, to heavy for my shoulder, and after 6 years they dropped down and out of pocket, so i ended up having a boob bigger than other…
    no more back-pain, just a natural B size now, had D… just have extra scars cuz of a mistake and did spend over 10k £ for implants and now 5k for uplift.


    Thanks for the reply girls! I’m glad you’re both happy with yours 😊 think I just saw a few negative posts and panicked but I’ve wanted this done for so so long and can’t wait!


    Hi ladies,
    I have just had my face to face consultation with mr maletio I originally went in for an uplift and an implant but he said I didn’t need an implant and I’m really nervous they are going to look to small! Has any one got any photos of their boobs with just an uplift? Thank you xx

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