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    i went for a consultation at a different suregery and was told i need an uplift (i’m 25 and have has 2 children) they said i could get away with having an enlargement now an dan uplift later in life but i’m concerned that i won’t be happy with the outcome? Will you be able to see/feel the implants more if my boobs are lower than usual?? Any one have any advise?

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    Hi there, i went through transform last year, and i had an uplift and implant, my surgeon did advise i cud have a large implant then maybe uplift later, but said it would cost more. So i opted in the end for both procedures 2getha which cost me £5,500. Wher as if id had one done now and the other in a few years it would have cost me in total £8500!!. So if i was you get both done now. An implant alone would only eventually drag the implant down, they would look nice for the first year or so, but after that they would drop, and only look good in a bra. I am very happy with my boobs now, they are nice and high and pert. I was a saggy 34b after having 2 kids (3 years old and 1 years old) and i had 340cc overs and uplift and now a 32e-f cup. I can send you my pics if you want or check out sofem, i am janey22 and password is boobies or just put your email on here. You,ll see the major difference the uplift made! the uplift was amazing, as it completely smoothened out my chest area, and some line i had from sun damage! i was soooooo happy and still am!. if you opted for just an implant now, they would look ok and high up but thats only for a short while. with your skin already being stetched from having kids, the implant would eventually drag and sag. But other ppl may say different. I def listend to my surgeon and im so glad i did, as its saved me alot of money XXXXXX

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