Vaser Lipo & breast enlargement ? Started by: Shona

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  • Shona

    Hey ladies!
    I was just wondering if anyone has had Vaser Lipo and a breast enlargement done in the same day?
    If so, I was wondering what the recovery time is like, does it take longer?
    Are you in pain for longer?
    Also in regards to Vaser are the results really that good and worth it ?
    & finally how long before seeing proper results with Vaser?
    If anyone has any pictures it would most appreciated.

    Thank you <3<3 xxx


    Hey love! I had a look on there but there’s not a lot of information… Also posted in it about 2 weeks ago and no one has been able to get back to me that’s why I’ve posted in here aswell as I was asking about both 🙂
    Why would out not be a suitable candidate??xxx

    Lally 1

    I’ve had both done but i’m only po day 3 so don’t have pics to show yet. What I will say is that you’ll be sore from both areas i.e. boobs and vasered areas. It takes a little longer to move myself around as my legs are sore as is my stomach from the garments I’m wearing. x

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