Vaser on upper and lower abs with Mr Kazzazi on 12th June 2015. So happy x Started by: Gemsy8

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    I enquired abut Vaser at Manchester and had a fantastic PC named Alison. She went above and beyond what I would have expected anybody to do, to secure a date for my Vaser, even keeping in touch on her days off!!. I was prepared to travel and eventually got a date for 12th June at the Natural Look Clinic in Doncaster.

    12th June soon came around and I travelled to Doncaster from Manchester. Upon arrival I was greeted by a very welcoming receptionist/ manager? who led me to my own private room. It was far more than I expected. My own room with a bed, comfy arm chair, television and sink area. She explained to me what would happen over the next half an hour and gave me a gown to change into. Within ten minutes of being there I was seen by the nurse. 5 minutes following that the anaesthetist came in and talked me through what would happen. I felt very reassured at this point that I would be completely unaware of what was happening during the procedure, which I was very happy about.

    About another 5 minutes later Mr Kazzazi came in and again went through what would happen. He drew on the area and we agreed on where he would remove the fat from. He was a lovely gentleman who made me feel that I was in great hands. Within another ten minutes I was being taken into surgery. I remember being on the table, the anaesthetist saying there would be a scratch and the next thing I knew I was waking back up in a room with my husband. To be honest I can’t really remember much after that as I was very sleepy, I just remember being given a photograph of the amount of fat which was removed. Not too much pain at all.

    Sorry for going on, but I found these reviews so helpful before booking mine.

    So the next morning I woke and wasn’t in too much pain. I took the painkillers which I had been given and this seemed to be enough. As the day went on I got more and more uncomfortable with the compression garments, ending up in tears at a few points. This continued through the night and all of the next day. I wasn’t prepared for how uncomfortable this would be and still is really.

    Appointment with the nurse on Monday. Arrived at the Manchester clinic and met a lovely nurse. she removed my garments which felt amazing, being able to breathe. I looked down and burst into tears!!! The results, even with swelling were unbelievable!!!! Minimal bruising ( lady area very bruised though 🙁 Still in shock now at how amazing my stomach looks already. I had an unusual shape and I will try and load a before and after pic.

    4 days post op and feeling so happy!!

    Amy 263

    Hi Hun I had Mr kazzaZi for my ba and was considering vaser hope you don’t mind add as I would love to see any pre and post op photos x

    Gemsy8 2

    Hi, I have added you. I have only got 2 pics on at the minute. One was from before and the other is a week after. I will try to add another soon now that I’m 2 weeks post surgery. The results are amazing to me because as you will see I had a strange shape to my abdomen. Now the swelling is going down, I have slight and I mean very slight sagging and lumps but I was warned about this and think this is due to my skin elasticity. I have been for a lymphatic drainage massage today which already seems to have helped. No regrets at all. Mr Kazazi was brilliant xxx




    Hi sweeTheart,
    I’m really chuffed it went great for you. Would love to see your pictures. I too have a funny shaped tum so I’m sending you the very BesT of the ßest of wishes hun!!

    Please do let me know how vest thing turns out (they failed to even mention that one to me!! – I was gonna have my op on 1st June and then go on holiday on 15th June! To the Caribbean!! For THREE weeks!!!

    I’ve read such bad feedback about MYA after care with patients whose surgery went wrong on various sites but r e a l l y want Vaser Liposuction after piling on over 20kgs from November last year following the murder of my step-son.

    I used to run to keep my trim size 8/10 figure and had even gone down to a size 6 in 2012 (I’m 5ft 9″). I can’t run any more (or even enjoy the gym) since damaging both my tendons! I can hardly walk most of the time to be fair so Vaser is my knight in shinning armour!

    I had my consultation (if you can call it that!) with my prospective surgeon (for all of what seemed like 5 minutes!) And was promptly told “No!” When I expressed that I wanted flanks and lower tummy done. He held no eye contact and quickly sat behind his desk writing up notes (?) following examination of my lower tummy which he said had a hernia (due to my funny shaped tummy). I was devastated and was almost ushered out the room straight away by his PA when I asked what do I need to do so I CAN have Vaser on that part. He said “See your GP” “…and what about my side bits?” I asked “Oh?” He questioned “You still want? Then yes! Yes you have l o t s there!!” as he continued to look at his piece of paper and busied himself with his writing… I was promptly shown the door..!!

    I felt totally invisible! How was your consultation? How many did you have? How much time did your surgeon spend with you? Did anyone take the time to talk you through the step-by step-by stages?

    I’m really nervous about parting with my money due to bad experiences with surgeons and their bad work (hence funny tummy shape!)

    ..but you sound happy and that in a way is helping me to decide as I’ve only heard good things about your surgeon so-far (even from these other websites) x


    Hi do you have any before & after pics / I also had upper and lower abdomen with Mr Kazzazi but he seems to have left the entire middle part of my tummy out. I’m really disappointed with my results – I’m 3 months down the line x

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