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    I’m booked in for upper/lower abs and flanks tomorrow at Manchester clinic with Dr Vlok! I’m very nervous but I’ve been told amazing things about Dr Vlok so I’m confident I’ll get a good result.
    I’m a bit worried about the post-op period. Can anyone who has had Vaser in similar areas tell me anything about their experiences?xx

    Alana 5

    Hi I have Vaser in these areas at Manchester too, I found the first couple of days uncomfortable but nothing to terrible. As soon as you soon get used to the garment everything gets a lot easier. xx


    When was your surgery? Did you swell much? Are you pleased with your results? I can’t actually believe that I’m having it tomorrow, it seem surreal! xx


    The first few days are pretty tough but since around day 4 I’ve been absolutely fine. I’m 2 weeks post op & my bruising has gone already! Feel free to have a look at my pics Hun. Good luck xx


    Thanks Jessica!! Do you wounds bleed/seep much? My admission time is 3:30 today..getting nervous now!! xx

    K 3

    Hey Olivia how did u get on Hun? X


    Hello!! So I’ve just got home, feeling really good but I know I’ve had painkillers and anaesthetic so I’m going to take another painkiller before I go to bed to help me through the night. What I was not expecting was the amount of fluid I’ve got gushing out… I feel like a wet baby!! I didn’t realise they pump about 3 litres of water into you (I was told why but I’ve forgotten) so then obviously it’s got to come out somehow and leaks through all the incisions. It’s all normal but just a bit of a surprise.
    Everyone at the Manchester clinic was absolutely lovely and Dr Vlok was amazing, I love him! So I can’t shower until Saturday now which will be a nice Valentines day present for my boyfriend haha! But overall so far so good! 🙂 🙂 xx


    Hi Olivia
    I know it was over a year ago now that you had your surgery but what are the results like? im booked in next Wednesday and I’ve had mixed reviews about the outcome. I’ve got Dr Vok too 🙂 x

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