What Bra’s don’t rub your incisions?! Going crazy Started by: Alex

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  • Alex 17

    Since my op I haven’t found a single post op bra that doesn’t rub my incisions they’re so painful 🙁

    I’ve tried the M&S post surgery bra, one off amazon that’s a copy of the macom and the absolute shock sports bra!

    The issue seems to be where they all sit, the bands seems to sit on the area which has been cut, does anyone know any supportive longer bras that would sit further down ?!

    Lovepenelope 17

    Have you tried the ASDA ones? They are not very supportive but nice and soft!


    My Macom bra sits quite far down. I’ve had it on since the op (5 days) and haven’t had any problems with it rubbing on the incisions, and found it pretty comfy, not too tight at all x

    Lara 30

    I found the same initially but once the scar healed better by week 3, it settled. You can try lengthen the straps so they sit below the scar instead.

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