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  • Charlotte 9

    Hi girls,

    One thing that keeps going round my mind is how i’m going to ask for time off!! i work in an office of about ten people – a range of ages and gender – and everyone’s so nosey! we have to tick on a big calendar when we’re off and my boss sits in my office so i can’t really ask in private!

    Any help? how did you ask? we’re people understanding?

    i never wear push up bras so it’ll definitely be obvious what i’m getting done??

    Lara 33

    I didn’t tell anyone but my close friends and family. I just used up all my annual leave (which was 2 weeks) and then got a 1 week off sick note from the hospital and emailed it to work, which stated “post-op recovery”, so have a total of 20 days off post op. I did not mention about the procedure or anything. No one asked about what operation it was, and if anyone does I plan on just saying “I’d rather not talk about my health”. I have yet to meet my supervisor yet, she’s known me for the past 2 years so I think she would notice as I was a flat 32AA before but not sure if she would say anything lol. One of my friends who also had it done hid it well by always wearing t-shirt and sports bras, and no one noticed.

    Monica 25

    can you not pull your boss to one side at the end of the day and explain? I work in an office at a desk and 10 days is maximum I can get off with only 5 days holiday used and 2 weekends … and that should actually be enough time for you to recover, just depends if you can get a weekend surgery or not. My boss understood my circumstance and tbh wasn’t bothered. And my colleagues are great it doesn’t matter to them.. but it’s a shame they are nosey etc when you’re going to be having actual surgery it’s a serious procedure .. best of luck x

    Sarah 64

    No need to say anything, just say you’re taking 2 weeks off to just relax and get things sorted out. Make excuses up if it makes it feel easier like maybe decorating your house, or say you’re having a big clear out and want to go shopping for new stuff.
    No one has noticed mine. You can dress them up or dress them down. In the compression bra, they don’t look too dressed up!!

    Charlotte 9

    Thank you girls!

    super helpful and encouraging, i’ll try pull my boss to one side and maybe say it’s personal time so i’d rather not discuss it!

    Lauren 9

    I told mine the truth … it’s a bit obvious to anyone that sees me anyway and didn’t want to be seen as a lier.

    Plus I didn’t do it for anyone else so I don’t care what anyone thinks xx

    Cara 9

    I had the same worry. I got 325cc and went from 30a to 30dd. No one noticed, including my house mate. They hide well under a compression bra, trust me. If you don’t need want to tell them about it don’t, because they probably won’t notice. Mine are slightly noticeable now because I’m now wearing my summer wardrobe. Also I started wearing a heavily padded bra about a month before my surgery x

    Taylorj 5

    I just used annual leave (I only took 7 days off) and when people asked I said I’d just had a week of relaxing at home with my mum (she came to look after me) and that was that! I had 325cc and have gone from an A and to a D but I really don’t think anyone would have noticed – especially in your post op bra as it holds them down so much you’ll be fine x

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