What happens at the very first consultation??????? Started by: laineyjk

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  • kasia

    They just ask general questions about yr medical history (any problems etc.)
    will show you one implant (just to give u an idea how it looks and feels)
    you can ask questions about BA at all
    can tell what u expect, what size u want to be
    also you’ll find out the price for yr procedure
    but you wont be measured and you won’t choose the implant size – it will happen during yr consultaion with the surgeon
    you even won’t have to show yr boobs – this is reserved for the surgeon:)


    Oh right i am seeing the surgeon as i requested mr singh and hes actually in that day so i get to speak with him so will ask him on monday thanks for the reply :)


    It would be a good idea to have a list of questions that you want to ask incase you forget…


    Hi im booked for my very first consultation on monday 1st june just wondered what will happen? do they measure me up for implants etc any input very helpfull thanks

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