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    Arm lift surgery; depending on aging, take and give overweight and gravity, make operation to fix sagging at back and front arms.

    The upper part of arms has capable of storing oil, expandable form. Therefore arm lift surgery is bit of rough, if done just fat intake,sagging skin can be increased. It must be careful for this region for liposuction. Each event isn’t suitable for liposuction. Actually, It is to remove excess fat with sagging skin. Such surgeries generally makes at general anesthesia and surgery takes 1-2 hours.

    Arm inside and back of the excess and fat tissue is removed, incision sewn aesthetic sutures.
    Armpit and scar extending through the inner side of the arm, redness early, after pink color, then come to skin color ,turns into a vague scar. Patient after surgery to leave with a special corset and this special corset is used 1 month.
    With armlift surgery; smoother, aesthetically, you can achieve a look that comfortable being uncomfortable.
    For information about armlift surgery price and learn the benefits of being armlift surgery in Turkey, you can contact us via revitalizeinturkey.com address.


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