What is the pain like after having unders??? Started by: Emma

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  • Emma 4

    Hi girls,

    I’m having 385cc unders on 1st Sept…. What is the pain like afterwards? Everyone says it’s worse than overs and I’m worried now:/

    Izzy 14

    Honestly it’s not that bad! I had 300cc unders 5 weeks ago and my recovery was great! Barely any pain – just a little discomfort. Obviously everyone is different but I didn’t suffer at all x

    Rose 5

    I’m 4dpo and I’m doing ok! Now I am nowhere near back to normal, I can’t reach for things, sleepings not great but haven’t had much pain it’s more discomfort! I’m up and about during the days just a bit tired!

    Rebecca 75

    It’s not that bad at all. I prepared myself for the worst and the pain was bearable. The only problem I felt was sitting up after a night’s sleep. I felt quite tight and that was a struggle but honestly other than that it’s not that bad. Xx

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    I had 300cc unders a week ago and today I’ve officially hit a turning point.

    I was told it all depends on your pain threshold and mine is terrible, and actually it hasn’t been that bad. I was advised to relax from the moment I woke up after op and it’s the best advice I have ever received. If you don’t relax 24-7, the tightness starts and that’s when the pain occurs.

    I think the worst part of this whole experience has been sleeping. Sleeping 45 degrees angle is not good for anyone, and my back/shoulders/neck have all been crippled. It had to try six pillows before I was able to get more than 4hours sleep. I could honestly deal with the pain of my new boobs, but the pain of my back is the worst!

    Mornings are also hard because you’re so stiff. You feel like you can’t move much but this wears off after about an hour.

    Relax.. don’t reach too high (not even to do your hair).. buy an airplane neck pillow (this will save your life!).. put a pillow under your bum to sleep to stop it from getting numb.. and if you feel nausea, don’t take your codeine. Best advice I can give you! X

    Kerrie Bilson 36

    I had 520 unders a week ago and I’ve had no pain at all but I was expecting agony so anything else was a bonus.. I was up and about as normal straight away so I don’t think it will be as bad as you’re expecting ????.. good luck x

    Heidi 197

    Everyones pain and pain threshold is different, mine was pretty bad but it only lastes a couple days and wasn’t actually “painful” just uncomfortable, basically like you’ve been to the gym all day just working out on your chest? Depends how much skin you have to stretch too, its manageable regardless xx

    Emma 4

    Thank you all for your help and advice! My pain threshold is very high I’ve been told so hopefully I’ll be ok 🙂 🙂


    I just had the op yesterday, also had understood. Initially when I woke up I was in quite a bit of pain, but the codeine took it right away! I’m in a bit of discomfort today and one side is quite a bit more swollen than the other but I haven’t had a chance to rest until now and now the discomfort is settling (with an ice pack on my left boob) haha. Unders are definitely a little more sore and longer recovery, but it’s not horrendous. Xx

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