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    Hey girls ♡ My surgery is at 8am on Thursday with Dr Mounir in Preston.

    I’m just wondering what they are like for time keeping as I’ve heard that people have been waiting hours and hours. Obviously I don’t mind too much as long as he does a good job! Just curious! Xx

    Mia 17

    Hey @lacelabyrinth 🙂
    I was admitted at 7am and went down to surgery about 11:45am. Was a bit of a wait but I honestly didn’t mind and ended up having a nap cause I barely slept the night before (for obvious reasons lol)
    I had a few minor issues after surgery so I was discharged a little later than expected and left about half 8pm.
    Everyone there was amazing though and I honestly didn’t want to leave lol.
    Good luck with your big day! 😀 xx

    Sienna JJ 14

    I don’t think I had the best experience as my admission time was 11am but I was left in the waiting room for 2 hours before I was given my room. I finally had the op at 4.30pm x


    I had my op on Saturday! I got admitted at two and went down to theatre about 3:45 I was home by 6:30 🙂

    Amy 263

    I was with Mr kazzazi at Doncaster admission 9am surgery 10.10 am out of surgery just after 12 then setting off home. 1:15 so only there 4 hours in total. Was on my sofa at home before my 3 daughters came home from school. Really good experience x

    rhiannon 7

    My admission time was 7.30am I went for surgery around half 9 and left around 4 🙂 I never felt like I was ‘waiting’ as such though as i was shown straight to my room, then you meet the anaesthetist (can’t spell!!) and then the surgeon, I just felt excited! Good luck – hope all goes well! xxxxx

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