When can I sleep on my side? Started by: Jade

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  • Jade 2

    Hey lovely lady’s ?

    I’m a week post op tomorrow, how long after op can I start to lay on side?

    Ellie 281

    I asked my nurse how early I could even lay down and she said 6weeks! I think they all say diff tho x

    Lucy 24

    @jadeey1994 All day different, I waited for my week checkup and the nurse said if I felt comfortable to lay on my side I could, I just wasn’t allowed to lay on front or only on one side – needed to make sure I kept swapping from side the side so it’s equal pressure! I couldn’t even sleep on my side until 6 weeks post op, it was too uncomfortable xx

    Charla 10

    I was told at my one week check up if i felt comfortable to lay on my side then i could! she told me if you lay in a position that isnt good for your boobs then they will tell you almost instantly as itll be painful, so if its comfortable and your not in pain the do it xxx


    Hey. On my one week check up my nurse said to listen to my body. I’m 2weeks Tuesday and still can’t as its actually the only time I feel pain. Xx

    Shantel 32

    Hi! Looks like everyone has been told different! My nurse said 6 weeks! I’m nearly 5 weeks post op now and for the past week iv been sleeping still slightly propped up with a few pillows but on my side id that makes sense? No discomfort at all so im sure it’s fine xx

    Jodie 43

    I’m 4 weeks post op and I’ve been sleeping on my back but with my legs and head to the side if that makes sense, it’s not quite the same as sleeping on your side but it’s the next best thing! xx

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