When will I be skinny again? SEVERE BLOAT… Started by: Jameila

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  • Jameila 16

    Hi girls isit normal to be severely bloated ? My stomach is sticking out so much it’s uncomfortable 🙁 I seriously (no exaggeration) look 5 months pregnant, I feel really ugly can’t even hide it in my clothes dreading leaving the house tomoro people are going to ask if I’m pregnant if they see my belly they won’t even notice my new boobs cos my belly Is so big.

    I’m 6 days post op today iv been off codeine for 3 days now only taking Paracetmol, last day on antibiotics was today, I’m drinking loads & loads of water. Eating healthy.

    Please help thank u xxxx

    Leanne 16

    Hi honey
    Sorry that you’re feeling like this.. but misery loves company and I’m right there with ya!
    I’m on day 6 today. I last took the cydrodamol yesterday morning and I still look very pregnant also. Even my legs feel massive(?!)
    My belly sticks out way further than my boobs which is just gross. I was completely flat stomached with abs before surgery. Now I look like I’ve eaten the surgery.

    Hoping it subsides for us both soon! X

    Charlotte 2

    The same thing has happened to me too! I’m day 4 post op and still bloated so are my legs and feet! The pain is worse today being up in the night 🙁

    Kelly 14

    I hated that feeling!! I’m a size 6-8 and toned and ended up with a beer like pot belly! ?? With all the uncomfortable boob stuff going on as well, I was so anxious to be back to normal but because I done alot of research on what happens ect I was prepared for it all.
    It took me about 4-6 weeks to feel back to myself again, with the odd morning boob from time to time after that. I’m now 14 months post op. So feel free to inbox me any questions x

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