When will they get softer ? Started by: Gemma

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  • Gemma 5

    Hey ladies

    I’m 6 weeks post op. Nurse said everything looks good but I was just wondering when u noticed that they got softer. Mine feels quite firm still.

    Think I’m just being paranoid about cc. But I am really happy with my results so far.
    I’ve said about one being bigger than the other in previous post but I honestly think it’s just the angle. As the nurses pics look identical.
    Going to get measured tomorrow :).
    Hope everyone is healing well x

    Meg 11

    Hi Gemma, I’m exactly the same – 6 weeks PO and mine still feel really firm. I’m able to move them around a bit now but they’re still not as soft as I’d like. Getting a bit worried they won’t get any softer! :s xx

    Christine 13

    They say 3-6 months for final
    Result though don’t they?


    @gems2015 hey Hun how you doing, well we’ve hit the 6 week Mark.. Hope your doing ok, so glad to hear your happy.. Let me know what you get measured at. Xx

    Amy 263

    Mine where totally softened at 11 weeks post op.

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