Who had their op in Birmingham ? plz Started by: tracey20

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    Hiya Tracey :-)

    Well I haven’t had my op yet but I’ve already been for my consultation and it went really well. I met my pc, her name was Jodie, and she was very friendly and informative and made me feel at ease :) I’ve got a consultation with Dr. Antoniadou on Wednesday, so I’m looking forward to that! I guess I’ll let you know more about the surgeon after I see her :) But bear in mind that there are different surgeons, and I’ve heard a lot of great things about all of them, so, it comes down to your experience with them rather than how someone else’s went, if that makes sense? :)

    By the way, is it the initial consultation you’re going for, on the 28th?


    Thankyou for repling miss mona-mona,
    yes its my 1st consultation at this clinic, and my pc is Jodie too, I understand what you mean about your own personal experience, its just that some threads on here rant and rave about peticular surgeons lol.
    I was hoping to see the surgeon on the 1st consultation like I have done before :), oh well it’s a good job I dont live far away, I hope everything is great for you on Wednesday xx


    Aw, thanx babe :) Yeah, I know what you mean about the ranting and raving lol. Like I said, they’re all brilliant surgeons to have your surgery done by :) Mr. Singh, I’ve heard, has dealt with most of the celebs like, Jordan, Kym Marsh and loads more lol. Dr. Traynor is more like the frank, straight to the point one, who is very meticulous about the results he achieves. So, if he thinks something like 400cc’s is what is best suited to your frame and you try to push him to a ridiculous amount like say, 700cc – He won’t even entertain the idea. Which is kinda good in a way, I like that about him :) And Dr. Adamo is like the easy-going one, makes you feel at ease and all that, but is just as commendable as the others! The great thing is MYA let you see all their surgeons if you’re unsure of who to go to, or who can achieve the results you’re looking for so, ask ’bout that at your consult when you go there.

    Hope everything goes well for you too hun :) x


    As the title says, who had their op in Birmingham, and what did you think of the place and surgeon, I’ve got my consultation on the 28th June :) x

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