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    I’m meeting with my surgeon tomorrow and hopefully having my OP 19th August. I work as a prison officer so I am fairly worried about going back to work. I have 1 week booked off and then I’m back. It’s very strict any days off sick could lead to dismissal. I’ve been advised no restraints for 6 weeks is unpredictable in my work. Hopefully will be able to go on restricted work but unsure yet. How long did it take for the pain to stop

    Laura 6

    I’d say that 1week is going to be risky for you. My sister used to be a prison officer so know that your job can be physical and unpredictable. Even lifting your arms can be tough for a while so would advise booking more time off if you can to be on the safe side. The last thing you would want is to tear your stitches (or worse) by going back to work too soon. For me after 2-3 weeks was when I was able to get back to doing most things but even hoovering up was a struggle!

    Lara 28

    I’m one week post op and struggle with things like lifting a full carton of milk and opening heavy doors. I still can’t lift my arms above shoulder level or put them in the air due to pain and twinges I get in my pec muscles. I thing 1 week is very short. My surgeon advised 3 weeks ideal, 2 weeks minimum but I know a few nurses who went back after 1 week.

    Cheney 8

    I’m 13 days post op, had unders and only took 5 days off work, I worked from home for 2 then went back in the office on the 2nd week. The pain subsided for me after 4/5 days now I just get shooting pains or irritation on my incisions from where the post surgery bra rubs. I think if your desk based you’d be fine going back after a week if you have don’t I’d suggest after 2 x

    Hannah 27

    I work on a male psychiatric ward and I took 2 weeks off, but I am an occupational therapist not a nurse so I don’t need to restrain – if I had to do restrains I would ask for a sick note to either be out of the floor staff responsibility (e.g. Like what a pregnant nurse would have to do) or take it as sick following the doctor note. I think the risk to you is injury to such a sensitive, trauma area that is still healing. In terms of recovery however, I am 3 weeks + 2 days at the moment and feel slight discomfort. I had full range of movement by 1 wpo, but struggled with lifting and closing my car boot

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    Cara 9

    One week is not enough for your line of work doll. I would suggest minimum 2 weeks off and when you’re back no heavy lifting etc. for another week. I couldn’t even drive my car for the first 2 weeks because of the muscle you use when shifting gears must be aligned to pectoral muscle. Definitely request some admin work and put your health first x

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