Worried 250cc HP dual plane will be too big? Started by: Chloe

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  • Chloe 1

    Hi Girls,
    My stats are currently:
    32A perhaps could be AA. Not filling out a 32A padded bras.
    I’m petite

    I really don’t want to go big, just have more than what I do now and for it to look very natural. I had my consultation yesterday with Dr George Samouris. I tried on 275cc which I thought was just a bit too big and the 250’s looks perfect. But still worrying that may be too big.

    Anyone else had 250’s HP dual plane and similar stats to mine and happy to share photos? X

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    Carla 38

    Do you have a cup size in mind for your desired outcome?
    I think every 125g is about a cup size so 250cc would take you to a B/C. Personally that would be way too small for me (I am 5ft 1 and 9 stone however).
    Have you looked at any pics on Instagram? Or do a search on here, put “250cc” into the search bar x x

    Kimberley 4

    Hi Chloe… I’m 12 DPO and I was a very flat 32a. I’ve had 300 high profile and they look so natural, in person you wouldn’t even be able to tell (in a good way) – I’m a little bigger than you though, 5ft 4 size 8. I can send you pictures if needed… I don’t think 250 would be too big at all as you lose some going under the muscle. My friend went 210 and it took her to a size B xx

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    Elizabeth 7

    Hey babe I’m one week post op today and I went with 255cc teardrops. I was completley flat and I’m already like a 32C xx

    Chloe 1

    Thank you! I went to a different surgeon to get a second option. He advised 275cc like the previous surgeon. But as one of my breasts in bigger he wants to do 275cc and 300cc. I’m so undecided, just worried they will be way too big now!

    Elizabeth 7

    two weeks post op today and I’m a 32C/D already and they’ve not even dropped or fulffed yet

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    Hey Chloe! I had my op on Monday with dr George! I am 5’2, 8 stone and was a 30B before x I went with 325 hp dual Plane and feel like they are a little bigger than i Wanted so hopefully swelling goes down xx

    250 will be nice and natural I think!!

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