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  • Danielle 4

    I just wanted to tell everyone how pleased I am with my breast uplift and implants (275cc left 250cc right, mod+ overs) after 3 children I was left with droopy boobs. I don’t have a before pic but I will attach the after, only 3 weeks post op but I’m healing so well and the surgeon (Mr tsekouras) did an absolutely amazing job and I can’t thank him enough.

    Sarah K 1

    I got the exact same procedure! I’m 25 and I got a breast lift done with mod + overs 275cc in both!
    1 week post op and everything is going well .. I love the shape! Apparently it’s only going to get better so I can’t wait 🙂

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    I was just wondering how much the initial consultation cost?

    Aimee 8

    Initial consultation is free hun. They take your debit card details but this is just because if you dont show up for the appt they charge you £25 xx


    How much did it cost? I know the price is different for everyone but it’s just so I can get a rough idea x


    Hey Hun I’m looking to have the same as u with the same surgeon are u still happy with the results and the advice he gave u on the size of the implant? X

    Rowena 3

    I would live some advice/reassurance too. Meeting the same dr on the 21st. Dont know yet if I’ll need am uplift and implants or just implants. May I ask, how long after your OP did you start to feel normal again? I’ve got 4 children and my husband can only take a week off after the proposed operation date. I’ll need to be able to walk them to school, which will take 20-30 mins, once hes back at work. Thankyou. Xx


    Can anyone help me? I met with dr monuir yesterday, I basically for the look I desire would need a breast reduction as in currently 30F but due to weight loss they are so flat at the top and one size is slightly bigger, an uplift and then a small implant so was thinking like a 250cc.

    So 3 procedures in one, reduction, uplift and implant.

    I hate my boobs now I am so insecure I won’t show them to anyone so I want them doing but I am terrified they don’t look right or the scar will he really bad!!

    Can anyone help me please xxxx

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