Wouldn't recommend overnight stay unless absolutely needed Started by: Chloe

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  • Chloe 8

    Had my operation last night & although nurses here are amazing, I didn’t sleep for a single minute after as the constant beeping of the buzzers from other patients, the noises outside, the banging of cupboard doors every two minutes. Honestly I’m more stressed out now than I would have been at home & so so tired! Cannot wait to get out of here!! X

    Amy 1

    Chloe.. How did the operation go for you? And what hospital were you at? (if you don’t mind me asking!)

    Hope your happy with your newest additions!

    xoxo Wishing you a fab recovery.

    Nicky 15

    Hi girls

    I’m staying overnight tomorroe at Fitzroy, they said I need to stay as I’m having unders so they didn’t really give me a choice.
    I’m gonna bring my ear plugs now that u have said that haha! X

    Kate 18

    Girls I stayed over night at Preston in December – so glad I did!
    It’s totally personal preference but the nurses were so lovely and I had a ice night’s sleep.. I think I’d have slept worse at home with worry.. I’m such a worrier so it was a good decision for me 🙂 I didn’t hear any buzzers/banging cupboards or anything! xxx


    Congratulations Chloe! 🙂 I had my op last night too and was meant to stay over but went home as couldn’t sleep. How are you feeling today? I’m feeling pretty sore and tired and my boobs are like rocks atm lol! Good luck for tomorrow Nicky xx

    Danielle 131

    Sorry you had such a rubbish night hun, hopefully your recovery goes much better when you get home! 🙂 x

    Chloe 8

    The nurses were amazing and I can’ t fault them, it was also very good to have some reassurance. But i didn’t get any sleep at all as every time I was dropping off, there would be a slam of a cupboard. I guess there’s not much you can do about noise in a hospital and because my op didn’t finish until around 9pm, I was too late to have sleeping tablets or anything to eat. Other than that, I haven’t had much pain. Come home & slept – haven’t taken any painkillers.. Is this normal? I had my op at fitzroy – 375 cc overs x

    Hayley 64

    @chloed94 Sorry to hear you didn’t get much rest! I hope you’ve managed to catch up on it today and it’s been a bit more relaxing for you! How did the op go? Do you mind if I add you? I’m having 375/400 overs on Saturday! xx

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