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    Hi everyone. I’ve been looking into having an uplift for some time now as after losing 6 stone a few years ago, having a baby, losing 4 stone of baby weight and now breastfeeding my boobs have taken quite a hit and I’m only 21! I have a couple of questions (of course everyone will be different and you don’t need to answer all questions but I just would like a rough idea) I’m from Scotland and closest clinic is Newcastle so would like some views before I book a consultation!
    1. How much did you actually pay? Especially those who got an uplift and implants?
    2. How did you manage life after the op e.g kids/babies. My little girl is only 3 months at the moment so still requires lifting etc and will still need this in the future obviously lol
    3. All in all was it worth it? I cry everytime I look at my boobs and just don’t want to get my hopes up for an operation that might not even work

    Thanks xx

    Rea 39

    Hey hun…

    I breastfed for 4months then lost a load of weight so needed that uplift but took me 5years to finally do it.
    I’m 2wpo and so far I’m loving them and happy I went with what I wanted and didn’t listen to anyone who was stopping me, so definitely worth it. I’m still yet to finally see the end result/size because they obviously change every week. But so far so good.

    I planned my surgery around summer holidays that way my daughter was looked after by family members then not long after went back to school. So it gave me enough time to have some kind of recoverly. She did come back to me on day 3 and that was my most uncomfortable day but I managed. Obviously it will be slightly different as yours is younger but as long as you have enough help you will manage just fine.

    They say no heavy lifting but I don’t think a 3 month year old is classed as heavy lifting… week 1 will be hard in terms of holding and lifting so no lifting during that stage but at the end of that and start of week 2 you will prob feel back to somewhat normal.
    Have you stopped breastfeeding?

    Obvouisly No1 can tell you when is best to get it done but I was 21 when I had my daughter and wish I did it then insead of 25. I would have had so much more confidence to do things with and without her. 5 years later i feel like iv got so much more making up to do.
    Hope that helped a bit.


    Thank you!! I definetely do want to go ahead but just worried my expectations are too high and will be dissapointed. My little one is 3 months and 20lb so god knows what weight she’ll be when/if I go ahead haha! Think I’ll go ahead with the consultation anyway Xx

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