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Travelling by plane can cause all kinds of issues with how your skin looks and feels, but fear not! We have called for expert advice from beauty blogger and air hostess, Anoushka Loves, to offer solutions on how to combat these concerns!

Travel Essentials

“Whether you’re on a short flight or a long flight, my top tips will help you leave the aircraft at your chosen holiday destination feeling fresh and looking beautiful.


During long flights, a face mask makes for a luxurious treat. Not only will your skin thank you but you’ll feel relaxed and your face will feel hydrated, soft and supple


Try using a rich serum or moisturiser before and after your flight for an intense boost of moisture. An inflight moisturiser will also help keep skin feeling in top condition


Don’t forget your hands and lips. An intensive lip balm and rich hand cream do wonders in the air, and stop that dry and tight feeling



The best way to stay hydrated on a flight is to drink water; two litres per day is ideal. Not only will you notice a difference in how you feel, but your skin will feel better and more hydrated too


Keep a refreshing facial mist in your hand luggage. It’s the quickest way to give skin a quick boost. A mist with essential oils also helps calm and soothe your stressed skin and relax your mind


Leaving the aircraft looking like a supermodel by taking brightening eye drops. Not only will they refresh eyes but they will add that extra sparkle

Eye Drops

So before you step onto that plane, make sure you’ve got your trusty essentials to keep you looking radiant throughout your journey. You’ll wonder why you haven’t used an inflight beauty regime before!

Read my full post over at Anoushka Loves.


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