Did you know your perfect lip shade is actually your nipple colour? 0

Monday 19th March, 2018 | Fashion & Beauty |

They do say knowledge is power, so you can imagine how we felt when we heard that your ideal nude lip shade is the same colour as your nipple.

(We looked straight down our top too don’t worry)

This new “tit” bit comes from hit American TV show The Doctors. The theory behind this information is that your skin tone was made in perfect balance, so what colour tone your nipples are is the perfect nude shade of lipstick for you.

Self Examination

Being aware of your breasts and nipples is extremely important. When it comes to yourself, breast exams are important so don’t forget to look at your breasts. Checking the colour of your nipple and areola (skin around nipple) is just as important as keep an eye on any physical changes. We would advise you to do your self breast exam in a mirror, this way you can look at your breasts and nipples for any changes too. If you have any concerns contact your GP or local MYA clinic nurse.


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Amy is a die-hard cosmetic surgery fan, having worked in the industry for almost 8 years now. She's obsessed with Instagram, unicorns and cats. If you've got any questions, hit Amy up on her Twitter or Insta @amyadelescott

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