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Why did you want a Breast Reduction?

I’d been thinking about having a breast reduction for the longest time (literally years) because I was fed up of looking in the mirror each day and mentally torturing myself over the way I looked. I was always the ‘girl with massive boobs’ and didn’t want this label anymore because I’m so much more than that. I always looked at myself in the mirror and felt bigger than what I was, could never wear clothes I wanted to and the back pain was honestly horrendous. It was a vicious cycle of wanting to go to the gym to feel better about my appearance but physically being unable to because of the pain my boobs would cause me to be in. I knew that having my procedure would change so much for me in a positive way.

Everybody at MYA was so unbelievably lovely right from the get go and I felt in safe hands instantly do knew that they were the company for me.

Why do you feel it’s important for people to talk openly about their procedures?

I think talking openly about your procedure is such an important step to make because not only does it help you to really understand and process what an amazing change you’re making for yourself but it also helps to break the stigma of cosmetic surgery. I think far too many people are afraid to speak out regarding having cosmetic surgery out of fear of being judged. It’s important for everybody to know that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a procedure done and they shouldn’t be worried about what others think.

Why is body confidence important to you?

Being a ‘curvy’ girl, body confidence is something that I struggled with for all of my teenage years and for the start of my 20’s. I’ve finally reached a point in my life where I can look in the mirror and not only feel happy with what I see but also feel extremely proud of myself for getting to that point. Being body confident to me is knowing that no matter what the number on the scales is or how many likes an Instagram post gets, I like what I see. That’s what’s most important being my happiness outweighs everything.

I think it’s so important to be honest about your body and all of those things that people may perceive as a ‘flaw’ because there’s so much more to a person than the skin they’re in. In the day and age where everybody is forced to feel as if they should be ‘perfect’ on social media, it’s so incredibly important to help others feel comfortable in their own skin and learn to own their body.

What do you think about MYA only using real patients in all of their campaigns? 

I absolutely love this! When I was researching my procedure, I really struggled to find patients in the UK, the same age as me who had undergone the same procedure. It was basically impossible which as you can imagine, really scary when you’re 22 and about to have major surgery! If I can be a case study for another young person to see when researching my procedure, then it’s a job well done from my part.

What do you feel is different now following your procedure? 

The main difference is probably my self confidence. Not only can I now go to the gym and get fit, lose the weight I want and build the body I’ve always dreamed of but I can finally buy those ‘cute’ outfits whilst out shopping and know that I can wear it with my head held high and my shoulders back because I’ll be owning my day and feeling like a queen in the process.

What advice would you give someone looking into having the same procedure as you?

Be patient with your healing process because things change every single day. My boobs look completely different a year on compared to just after my procedure so understand and be prepared for change because it will definitely happen.

Ask your surgeon as many questions as you need to because they’ll be completely open and honest with you and tell you exactly what you need to hear. I wrote all of my questions down before meeting with Mr Giannas so that I didn’t forget anything. No question is a silly one!

Why did you decide to Vlog about your procedure?

I chose to Vlog and document my procedure because as I mentioned before, I really struggled to find people my age that have had the same procedure as me. I wanted to be the case study for young women choosing to have a Breast Reduction and Mastopexy because I think it’s important to reassure others that having my procedure at 22 is completely normal and absolutely fine!


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