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Why did you want a breast enlargement?

Having boobs is just something that I always thought would make me feel more feminine and so much better. I always thought I looked like a child! Before a night out, I’d go to the shops for an outfit and try on clothes. The first thing I would be saying is: “that would look so mint if I had boobs.” Everything I wanted to wear, I felt like I couldn’t because it just didn’t look right. I didn’t feel confident in anything and I always felt like I had to cover myself up. I used to wear big jumpers when I was in the gym just to cover myself up. But now, I feel like I fill my clothes out and I look feminine.

Why does representation matter to you?

I feel there’s a lot of stigma around female body builders in general. As soon as you tell someone that you’re a female body builder – they’ve instantly got an image in their mind but it’s really not like that at all. There are lots of different categories that you can compete in and they go from extremely feminine to a lot bigger. When you’re very musuclar and you’re looking for a breast enlargement, the final result can be a worrying thought. (Will I look unnatural or out of place?) So, I think a lot of people can relate to this feeling and representation does matter. Seeing someone with a similar body type to you will be so reassuring and help you understand the process better. It’s also great to show that you can look feminine and have muscles at the same time!

There are very few people that I know in this space that haven’t had a breast enlargement. The ones who haven’t are definitely looking to. I know a lot of older women who had the procedure years and years ago and are still body building – they still have their implants in.

What prep did you do for your surgery?

I  had a check list about a mile long! The Forum was definitely the best though. Any information that I found useful on there, I would always print screen so I had an album on my phone of everything that I thought I would need to remember.

How do you feel about MYA using real patients?

It’s quite overwhelming actually but it’s great to think that I’m part of this. People might think when you throw a lot of money at a company that you get chucked on a list, have your procedure done and forgotten about. It’s nice that MYA still keep in contact and you get asked to do things like this. It proves to me that the company is actually real and uses genuine people. You’ve got true stories from real people and nothing is scripted.

What time did you have off the gym during your recovery?

The time off the gym after surgery was probably the hardest thing for me. Being a body builder, not just a daily gym goer, means body building is my life and my passion. If I’m not at work, I’m at the gym. The hardest thing for me was the recovery stage mentally and not so much physically because I recovered very well. The mental journey of not actually being able to go to the gym for 6 weeks was very difficult. Seeing slight changes in my body because I wasn’t going to the gym was really hard. I just had to keep remembering that this was for a good cause and that at the end of it, things would go back to normal and I could go back to the gym.

The one thing I can recommend is: listen to your surgeon and what they tell you. I’ve heard of a lot of people going back to the gym days after surgery and I honestly don’t know how that was even possible. After around 3 weeks I was up and about doing light movements but with body building being my life, I knew I couldn’t do it properly. I took the advice of the surgeon – I waited the full 6 weeks before going back to the gym but I still didn’t feel ready. I probably could’ve done light movements but that’s not what I go to the gym for so I decided to take an additional 2 weeks off. I didn’t want to cause any additional problems and it was important for me to listen to my body. As difficult as it was for me to stay out of the gym, I knew I had to listen to my body.

How do your breasts change shape with body building?

When you’re preparing to have your surgery, you’ve got to take into consideration the size of your implants, the location of your implants and when you’re going to get them done. For me, I decided to go over the muscle and I did that because of my lifting heavy weights. Everyone is different though and implant location totally depends on what type of training you do, if your weight is going to fluctuate and your surgeon’s recommendations. For me, over the muscle was the best option!

What advice would you give to women who compete or are in body building?

What you’ve got to remember is that prep is very very serious. You do go from one extreme to another because you lose a lot of body fat when you’re prepping. You need to make sure that when you get your breast enlargement, your boobs aren’t going to look how they look in off season. When you lose fat, you lose it in all areas and you lose it off your chest too. You’ve got to be prepared for the last few weeks of prep when you are really digging down, that you’re going to change the image of your boobs. You’ve got to remember that they aren’t going to stay like that and it it just for a short period.

What post-operative diet tips would you give to gym girls out there?

Yea, don’t binge! Your body is in a very vulnerable position in the time you have off after your surgery. The last thing you want to do is binge on a lot of food that you’re not going to be burning off. For me, it was difficult in the first few days but I had to suck it up and eat what my man made us because I couldn’t move. Once you do get up and running, try and eat as clean as you can because it does also help with recovery. Drink plenty of water too. Keeping yourself hydrated and eating the right kind of food is what your body needs because you do need the vitamins in order to recover.

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