Maria’s first post-Vaser night out! 1

Monday 3rd December, 2012 | Celebrity |

Maria’s first post-Vaser night out!

WOW! And Double WOW!

Maria Fowler has donned a slinky dress for the first time since having her Vaser liposuction on Friday. How amazing does she look?

Just four weeks after surgery, the gorgeous reality star hit London’s Mayfair with her glamorous mum Trudy and is rocking a seriously sculpted body!

Vaser is the new form of body-sculpting liposuction which gives the patient the choice to have more or larger areas of fat removed during a single procedure. Carried out under general anaesthetic, it is the optimum treatment for areas that are resistant to diet and exercise.

Maria Before and After
The advantages of Vaser Liposuction include:

•Uses ultrasound technology to loosen fat cells from surrounding tissues

•Helps to define and contour the body

•Multiple areas can be treated in a single procedure

•Safer for larger areas of fat without damaging other tissues The most popular areas forVaserLiposuction treatment include: Abdomen, Flanks (Love handles), Male Chest, Buttocks, Inner and Outer thighs, Chin and Jowls, Neck, Armpit (Axilla), Arms, Knees and Ankles.

Mr Grant Hamlet, one of MYA’s leading practitioners for Body Sculpturing using Vaser, explains, “Vaser works using very high frequency ultrasound that is directed at the fat cells.

This energy then gently breaks the fat cells apart from each other. Note that it doesn’t destroy the individual fat cells and it also doesn’t damage blood vessels and other tissues that we want to preserve. This leaves us with small packages of fat cells that are floating in the local anaesthetic solution. We then use much smaller or thinner canula to remove the fluid and fat cells. The fact that it is a fluid, also allows us to use a much lower suction level. All of these factors combined allow us to do this procedure with less trauma to the patient – less bruising, less swelling with a much lower risk of other complications.“

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