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Why did you want the procedure?

I thought about having a breast enlargement on and off for 8 years. It wasn’t necessarily because I was unhappy with my natural breasts but through weight loss and gain I could never keep the size breasts I wanted.

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What was the trigger in your life to say ‘right, I am doing this now’?

What really made me decide to go for the consultation was a major change in my life. I went through a break up of a long-term relationship that meant massive changes for me and through this I had lost a lot of unhealthy weight, I also stopped training for months as I had hit such a low point in my life. Weightlifting is something I love and I had even lost the love for that. So, after months of dwelling I decided to drag myself back to being healthy and back to the gym. But unfortunately my breasts had completely deflated. I was training hard and became quite muscular which was amazing but I didn’t have the feminine curves to match.

Were your friends/family/partner supportive?

So, with low confidence I decided to book a consultation. I had chatted to lots of friends about this, and they were so supportive as a lot of them had breast enlargements themselves and said it was the best thing they ever did. So, my mum came to my initial appointment with me.

Why did you choose MYA as your cosmetic surgery provider?

I decided to book my consultation with MYA as I had been following them on Instagram and from what I saw, they were a very popular and professional clinic. I was still slightly undecided driving up to the Bristol clinic, but as soon as I got there I knew it felt right.

How was your consultation (initial and surgeon)?

Krystina (my PC) was absolutely amazing and discussed everything in depth with me, I didn’t feel pressured at all and she really understood what sort of look I wanted to achieve. That day I also met the surgeon who would end up doing my procedure. I felt he was definitely experienced and knew exactly what would suit my body shape and whether to go under or over the muscle. We decided that over the muscle would be better for me with my weight training. I opted for 275cc round moderate implants.

Was your procedure done in time for a special occasion or reason?

With an impending holiday to Ibiza being a matter of months away, I knew I wanted them done before then, to really feel like me again.

How did you fund your procedure?

So, I was lucky enough to get a surgery day 3 weeks after my consultation. I paid half through savings and the remaining half on MYA finance where the payments are really affordable for me.

How was the day of your procedure?

The day of my op was a bag of mixed emotions, I was excited to get breasts back but also sad that I would never see my natural breasts again. I questioned my decision all morning but I think that’s completely natural, luckily I had the support of my mum to put my mind at ease.

How was your recovery?

After surgery I was actually surprised how good I felt and the nurses were amazing, I didn’t feel scared just happy I did it. The first week of recovery was quite tough but I think it was bad for me as I’m so used to being active and the smallest of tasks were difficult. By the second week things started to get a little easier and I was back to work after 2 weeks although I took it easy for another week. I didn’t go back to training until 6/7 weeks later and just trained lightly as I didn’t want to cause any damage to my new boobs.*

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Are you happy with your results?

I’d say after 6 weeks I really started to see the results of my procedure* and I have to say it was the best decision of my life. They looked fantastic and exactly what I wanted, I had gone up 2 sizes making me a D cup*, it was so nice to have full boobs again and actually fill out a sports bra. I have never questioned my procedure only wished I had done it sooner!

Would you recommend this procedure and MYA to others?

My friends thought they looked so great and 4 of them have gone to book the procedure themselves with MYA as I can’t recommend them enough!

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What are you looking forward to the most now that you have had your procedure?

Since having a breast enlargement my confidence is the best it’s ever been, I can now fill out dresses I’ve always wanted to wear and feel more feminine. I never had this done for anyone but myself and it’s definitely empowered me as a woman. Now I’m looking forward to holidays in nice bikinis. Mostly I’m looking forward to my new chapter with happiness and confidence.

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