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Procedure: Breast Enlargement

Hi guys, I'm Ellesse and I had my breast enlargement with MYA back in 2014

Why did you want the procedure?

I knew I wanted the procedure done from a really young age. I've always been fascinated by the girls in music videos, and I idolised the really curvy celebrity bodies. I have quite thick thighs and a big bum; however, my boobs didn't suit the rest of my body shape.

Being a music video model/dancer myself, I always felt uncomfortable in the outfits I had to wear. These often left bra straps on show, and once I removed my bra I felt awkward and this began to affect my confidence.

MYA & Ellesse

Why did you choose MYA?

I was recommend to MYA from a friend who had recently had a procedure with them. After my first consultation with MYA I knew they were right for me.

MYA & Ellesse

How was your consultation?

Meeting my surgeon was exciting; I couldn't wait to discuss implant size! I went in not having a clue about what I was talking about and originally wanted 475cc and as natural look as possible. He was brutally honest and said, with my frame it wouldn't look natural. My syrgeib advised me to go for a smaller implant (375cc extra low profile), which I'm so glad he did!

My size now is so perfect. I’m so glad my surgeon advised me and didn't just let me go ahead with whatever. He paid attention to the look I desired.

How was the day of your procedure?

I tend to over-think things a lot which causes me to panic and get anxiety, so I just tried to not think about what was happening. The staff, Mr Singh and everyone was amazing! So reassuring and lovely throughout, this helped me keep calm and relaxed.

MYA & Ellesse

How was your recovery?

I found it hard. I typically sleep in all sorts of positions, so having to sleep on my back for the first 4 weeks wasn't easy. I also found it hard not being as independent as usual, not even being able to sit up without hands. You get through it and it’s so worth it!*

MYA & Ellesse

When did you return to the gym and how did it feel?

I returned to the gym tat 6 weeks* and it felt amazing to be back to normal routine and active again! Totally back to my normal self!

MYA & Ellesse

Are you happy with your results?

I couldn't be happier, perfect size, perfect profile, and perfect shape... Just perfect, I Love them!

Would you recommend MYA?

100%, I’m so happy. Thank you MYA!

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