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Lauren Goodger

Procedure: Rhinoplasty

Hi guys, I'm Lauren Goodger and I had a rhinoplasty with MYA in 2013

My MYA Experience

Why did you decide do have a Rhinoplasty?

I was left with a large bump on my nose when my nephew accidentally dropped a metal fire engine on my face and the more I watched The Only Way is Essex the more of I complex I got about my appearance. Friends and family always told me there was nothing wrong with my nose, but for me it was about getting my confidence back.

MYA & Lauren Goodger

How was your MYA experience?

It was fantastic. I was so nervous just before the operation that my body started to shake but the nurse was so friendly and made me feel calm again. I was allowed home the next day to recover and could finally see the results!* I couldn't stop smiling when I saw myself in the mirror!

MYA & Lauren Goodger

So how do you feel now?

This procedure has given me my confidence back and I can honestly say I'm the happiest I've ever been. I no longer have to worry about unflattering paparazzi pictures and I am a lot happier when I watch myself on the TV!

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