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The Procedure

Everyone was lovely and put me at ease. I was also a bit worried about the anaesthetic but they were so professional that I just went with it – I felt in safe hands. I was in theatre for over three hours, a little bit longer afterwards to come round from the anaesthetic. The nurses were so lovely. I had a bite to eat and waited in the room, then when they were happy with my recovery, I got a taxi home with my friend.



To be honest, the pain wasn’t too bad at all! The compression garment is just uncomfortable but I had to wear it for a month so I slowly got used to it.*

Vaser has given me a kick- start to get me in the gym!

I can still use my arms despite having Vaser on my armpits. I could sit down ok too which surprised me as I’ve had Vaser on my bum area; it was a bit sore but I think the compression garment helped to numb all these areas.* It’s like Spanx x 100! I certainly won’t moan about wearing Spanx again… but then again I won’t have to!

The Garment

The garment is to compress the skin back against the muscle. It came high up on the bust and low down over my thighs. It took me a while to stand up from sitting; it makes you realise how much you use your stomach for little everyday movements.

The garment does mean you lie down a lot, as I was restricted and other positions can be uncomfortable. Saying that, I drove for the first time on day 5*, which wasn’t too bad. I’m going to start working out properly; Vaser has given me a kick- start to get me in the gym!

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