Hannah image

Breast Uplift Hannah

Hi guys, I’m Hannah and I’ve had a breast enlargement and uplift with MYA. I’m part of the amazing new MYA campaign and did an interview to share a bit more about my journey and my thoughts. Follow me on Instagram @hannahtt

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Grianne image

Breast Enlargement Grianne

Research everything! Prepare to be uncomfortable and have at least a few days of pain. Some girls report a pain free recovery, but these are mostly girls who had an implant over the muscle, or are just the lucky ones in the minority. I have quite a high pain threshold, but the feeling is very different, read about the unusual tingles you get during recovery so you are prepared for them and don’t panic.

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Izzie image

Breast Enlargement Izzie

I have wanted a Breast Enlargement for as long as I can remember, when I was at school all the other girls were developing breasts and I didn’t. As I got older, I felt that they held me back from having the figure I really wanted and turned to Extreme Push-Up bra’s and wishing that one day my tiny boobs would develop into something that didn’t resemble a couple of insect bites on my chest!

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Alice image

Breast Enlargement Alice

Hi guys, I’m Alice and I had a breast enlargement with MYA. I took part in the new MYA campaign because I think it's really important to show that women who have cosmetic surgery can still be body positive. Body confidence is so important,  there's so much changing right now and I believe this campaign is going to help a lot of men and women talk more openly about cosmetic surgery.

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Sherrifa image

Breast Enlargement Sherrifa

Hi guys! I’m Sherry (Sherrifa) and I’m 26 and I had a breast enlargement with MYA.

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Vicky image

Breast Uplift Vicky

I’d lost all this weight and worked hard in the gym and was starting to feel really good about my body, but I just had these constant reminders of a time in my life when I wasn’t happy. When I was slightly overweight and when I was a bit miserable, so the final piece of the puzzle was to get my boobs done to lift my confidence.

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Lacie image

Implant Removal and Reaugmentation Lacie

The procedure has changed my life in more ways than I imagined, I am more confident in clothing, swimwear and underwear and don’t cringe when I’m naked in a mirror anymore! It’s helped my anxiety in social situations and I’ll be forever grateful!

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Lucie image

Breast Enlargement Lucie

Now they feel great and look so real. I Love my results. I got them done back in 2015 and I can’t really remember what my boobs were like before, to be honest! If you want to get it done, then do it! Don’t listen to anybody else. It’s your body so have fun with it!

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Katy image

Breast Enlargement Katy

I didn’t just get “bigger boobs” I became part of a huge MYA family of women supporting and helping each other. From other patients on Instagram following each other journeys and helping each other through, to the team at the clinic, holding my hand through every tear.  Female solidarity at its finest!

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