Georgia image

Breast Reduction Georgia

The main difference is probably my self confidence. Not only can I now go to the gym and get fit, lose the weight I want and build the body I’ve always dreamed of but I can finally buy those ‘cute’ outfits whilst out shopping and know that I can wear it with my head held high and my shoulders back because I’ll be owning my day and feeling like a queen in the process.

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Chloe image

Breast Enlargement Chloe

I'd been so tragically insecure about my nose since I hit puberty at around 12 years old but the insecurities I had about my breasts didn't come until later on after I gave birth to my now two year old son. My body changed and despite all my efforts, I just couldn't love myself the way I was. I tried for so long to embrace the body and the nose that I had been given, but I always felt like it stopped me from living my best life.

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Abi image

Breast Enlargement Abi

I had been wanting breast enlargement for a long time; I’d always known, even from a young age that I wanted it doing. I have a large family full of very busty woman and I was the only one with small boobies!

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Ellie image

Breast Enlargement Ellie

I've realised that being a MYA patient is more than just being a patient. I'm part of a community, a family. We support each other. I think I will start by introducing myself. I'm Ellie (or El as my friends call me) and I had a Breast Augmentation with MYA.

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Aaliyah image

Tubular Breasts Aaliyah

Everyone deserves to feel happy, comfortable and confident in their own skin. Being happy and confident with your body can positively impact so many areas of your life! It can help you to express yourself better, be more confident at work, and when meeting new people. There are so many reasons why body confidence is one of the most important things you can have!

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Kelly image

Breast Enlargement Kelly

I have so many people compliment me on how natural my boobs look and how they are the perfect size for my frame

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Vickie image

Implant Removal and Reaugmentation Vickie

I went from 325cc to 600cc with MYA and I love my results!

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Zoe image

Breast Enlargement Zoe

I have a massive increase in confidence and I feel as if I now have the boobs I should have been born with. I feel as if they have always been mine and they feel and look so natural!

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Bethany image

Breast Enlargement Bethany

I wanted the breast augmentation as every time I tried dresses on that didn't require a bra, I felt I never filled them out. Or in sports bras at the gym, I had the same problem. I was never flat chested but a small C cup and push up bras were my best friend!! I had closed rhinoplasty at the same time as my nose was straight with a slightly big tip, it was rounded and every time I smiled in photos I hated it!!

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