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Procedure: Implant Removal and Reaugmentation

I went from 325cc to 600cc with MYA and I love my results!

Before and After

What was your original procedure?

I'm from Thailand and have been living in UK for about 2 years now. I got my first procedure (breast enlargement) done in Thailand around 9 years ago. I got 325 CC.

I feel amazing!

Why did you want the procedure?

My results originally looked great so it's not like my procedure was botched or anything. Once I had children though, my breasts started changing. My skin and breast tissue started sagging so I knew I needed another procedure.

I love my results!

Why did you choose MYA?

Once I knew I was going to have the procedure, I started looking for a clinic near me in Newcastle. I kept seeing MYA everywhere! I followed MYA on Instagram and then I was sure I was choosing the right place. I booked an initial consultation for implant removal and reaugmentation at the Newcastle clinic with Julie. 

I was so impressed with the service from the moment I walked into the MYA clinic! I really loved my surgeon, Mr Traynor. When I met him, he took the time to explain everything to me and to make sure I understood the procedure, the process and even the potential side effects. He talked a lot about implant size and we chose 600cc together.

How was your surgery?

I had my surgery on March 20th 2019 at the First Trust Hospital in Preston. I imagined it would really painful but it was honestly not that bad. Everything went so much better than I expected on the day and I was only sore for a few days after surgery. My surgical wounds are so incredibly neat and I'm so pleased I chose MYA! I feel so amazing now and like a new person - thank you MYA and Mr Traynor - you are amazing!!

Thank you MYA!