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Why did you want the procedure?

I’d lost all this weight and worked hard in the gym and was starting to feel really good about my body, but I just had these constant reminders of a time in my life when I wasn’t happy. When I was slightly overweight and when I was a bit miserable, so the final piece of the puzzle was to get my boobs done to lift my confidence.

Why did you choose MYA?

I chose MYA because after doing my research I found out they were the best around. MYA always have great reviews and all the staff were lovely! Really personable and I was just pleased with the first impression of them.

How was your surgeon consultation?

My surgeon consultation was great. I found him really professional, concise and to the point, but also really comforting. There was nothing I doubted he could do. He really brought this presence and he incited my confidence in him straight away.

To be honest, I’m surprised I only needed an uplift in one breast. They just used to hang around my waist like awful saggy boobs.

I think this is why I had so much faith in my surgeon, because, he could of said ‘let’s uplift them both, let’s hoy implants in them both, let’s just do the whole shabam! Let’s go wild’. Which I’m sure some surgeons would of, but he was really conscientious about it.

How did you decide on implant size?

For me I’d worked really hard to have a smaller frame and the last thing I wanted to do was give myself these great big over the top, in your face, ostentatious boobs which swamped me. So I spoke to him at great length, I was probably a bit pedantic to be honest. Over and over explaining I didn’t want these big boobs. In the end I got a 250cc in righty and lefty got a 300cc, so lefty was smaller; poor lefty!

Go with MYA because they’re brilliant!

How was your procedure day?

To be honest all I was thinking about was the aftermath, been able to not wear a bra, getting a bit of sexy side boob or not having to tie my bikini strings so f******g tight it cuts the circulation off in my neck just to try and hold them up. I think I was just looking at the bigger picture.

When the day came I had my mum and my sister with me, which was great support! I wasn’t nervous at all, maybe slightly apprehensive just before I went under but I had faith in MYA, in my surgeon and in my decision.

What did you think of the MYA Fitzroy Hospital?

The Fitzroy Hospital is really nice; it’s like a little hotel! Everyone was great and really lovely.


How was your recovery?

My recovery process was tough; the hardest thing I found was the lack of independence. You have to understand your body has been through something quiet traumatic, you have to just give yourself time to recover. Don’t rush it, I was always very diligent with my recovery; I didn’t rush it at all!*

What advice would you give?

To anyone looking to have a breast enlargement my predominant piece of advice is: go for it! I think if you’re thinking about it and you have that seed in your mind then there must be a reason. Also be careful, take your time don’t rush it, don’t be impulsive. Go with MYA because they’re brilliant!

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