Tubular Breasts

Tubular breasts or ‘tuberous breasts’, as it is also known, is a birth defect, which can occur in both male and female breasts during puberty. The condition can present itself in one or both breasts, where there is an abnormal development in shape and early growth is limited.

The effects of the condition are varied and can range from mild to severe, below are some of the common characteristics of tubular breasts:

  • Enlarged or puffy areolas (area surrounding the nipple)
  • Unusually wide spacing between the breasts
  • Minimal breast tissue
  • Sagging
  • Higher than normal breast fold
  • Narrow base at the chest wall

Depending on the severity of your tubular breast(s), one of our highly skilled surgeons will suggest the best course of action for you and your desired result. It is likely that a straightforward breast enlargement will achieve what is believed to be “normal” breasts. It is likely a breast augmentation will be combined with a nipple lift, reduction or mastoxpexy (uplift). All of these options will be discussed at great length with your patient coordinator and MYA surgeon at our free consultations.

Are you unsure if you have a form of tubular breasts? Take a look at your amazing before and after images and arrange your free consultation today.

Tubular breast GUIDES

If you’re looking for more information, download our helpful Tubular Breast guides. These help you on What Questions to Ask Your Surgeon, Assessing Your Breast Shape, How to Prepare for Surgery and understand Why MYA are Best at Breasts. Download now and have a read!

As the world’s most patient-focused cosmetic surgery, MYA offers a wide variety of breast procedures, from breast uplifts to breast enlargements. Click here for more information on what we offer and to view our full list of procedures.

*There is no guarantee of specific outcomes so individual results and experiences can vary from person to person.

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