Why is my Medical History and Mental Health Investigated?

Patient care and wellbeing is of the utmost importance to us. When you make the decision to have elective cosmetic surgery with MYA, it is imperative that we are made fully aware of your past medical history to ensure your safety going into surgery.

At your initial consultation you will be required to share your past medical history in the form of a medical questionnaire. Withholding any medical information will be detrimental to your health and safety should you decide to proceed with surgery.

At your pre-operative assessment with the clinic nurse, which is carried out a minimum of 4 weeks prior to surgery, she will go into further detail of your past procedures, medication and if you have been under a psychiatrist, psychologist or specialist care over the past 3 years. Your nurse will then send a letter to both your GP and psychiatrist/psychologist/specialist (if applicable) making them aware of the planned procedure. Should they be aware of any medical history or clinical contraindications, it could affect our decision to proceed to surgery. We request a response within 21 days of the planned procedure but this can often be delayed as these are NHS practices. We advise patients to assist with this process to help speed it up.

GPs and specialists can also request payment for this information to be released and the cost of this information can vary. The cost is not covered by MYA and we advise that you discuss this with your GP prior to booking. MYA will not operate on a patient who refuses to give MYA consent to inform their GP of their operation.

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