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Female Breast reduction also known as mammoplasty or boob reduction in slang, is an operation to reduce the weight and volume of the breast. Many women can no longer cope with the physical strain that larger breasts can have and along with the associated discomfort, larger breasts play a detrimental role in self-esteem. Many women become self-conscious and this affects the clothing they wear and the activities they take part in.

Bilateral breast reduction surgery (reduction of both breasts) is performed by one of our specialist breast surgeons under general anaesthetic and can take 2-4 hours. You usually need to stay in one of our private comfortable hospitals overnight with some cases of two night stay. During the procedure fat, glandular tissue and skin is removed from the breasts, which are then shaped and the nipple/areola repositioned using dissolvable stitches (unless otherwise required).

Post-surgery you will be required to take 7-10days off work depending upon your role this could be increased. You will also be advised to refrain from heavy lifting and exercise for 6weeks whilst wearing your supportive post bra during this time.

Post op care is extremely important to MYA and we insist that you attend your scheduled appointments at 7days, 6weeks and 3months at your local MYA clinic (dates can vary depending upon clinic/surgeon)

The revision rate for breast reductions carried out with MYA in 2013 was 0.00%. MYA is a company you can trust and we can even arrange for you to speak with past patients. For more information on pricing for this procedure, click here.

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What size will I be reduced to?

Your surgeon will examine you and look at your proportions to enable him to see roughly how much tissue he will be able to take to still give you a natural in proportion breast shape.

What will my scar look like?

A common reduction scar is in the shape of an anchor it will surround your areola vertically down to breast crease then horizontal along natural breast crease.

How long will it take to heal?

Around 2-6weeks, people heal at different rates, always follow post op instructions.

Can I still breast feed?

You will not be able to breast feed following this procedure but this can be discussed with your surgeon.

When can I drive?

Up to 2 weeks following your procedure or when you feel comfortable to do so following the recommended time.

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