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Your MYA Patient Journey

When researching cosmetic surgery, the process can sometimes feel overwhelming, and you don’t know where to start. So, we've created a timeline to guide you through your MYA journey and give you an idea of what your cosmetic surgery experience with MYA would look like.  

We’ve also included some useful hints and tips to help you along the way! 

September 30th, 2021 |Ask an Expert

Enquiry with MYA 

There are several ways to enquire with MYA. Patients can book online using the online booking tool, request a call back from our team of specialist advisors or contact us directly on 03330 14 10 14 to arrange a FREE eConsult. All appointments with MYA are free of charge but we do require a level of commitment from patients to ensure that valuable eConsult slots are not wasted.  

Our friendly and approachable patient bookings team are on hand to offer more information or answer any initial questions. If a patient is unsure if now is the time is right for them to book an eConsult, our bookings team can talk them through the process and advise them accordingly.  

Helpful tips and hints: 

Your MYA Patient Journey

Initial Consult

Our FREE eConsult service allows patients to speak directly to our expert team of Advisors via a secure and private video call from the comfort of their own home and will still receive the same personalised and supportive experience  

Patients will be given the option of a telephone consultation or a video eConsult, they can book appointments that fit around their busy schedule and discuss the often personal and emotional reasons they are considering cosmetic surgery, in a place where they feel most comfortable. 

 What happens during an initial eConsult: 

The initial eConsult is an opportunity for patients to learn more about the procedure they are considering and a chance for patients to see MYA’s exclusive before and after photos.  

Our dedicated eConsult Advisors will guide patients through the MYA journey, the costs and payment plans and will recommend the best surgeon for the patient based on their desired result, procedure type and geographical location.  

There is no pressure or obligation to book, our eConsult Advisors are here to help patients take their first steps, answer any questions and provide a personalised experience.  

Helpful tips and hints: 

  • Check your Patient Portal for any outstanding tasks – you will need to complete your patient medical history ahead of your eConsult. 

  • Have your passport or driving license ready as proof of ID. 

  • Have a pen and paper ready to make notes. 

  • Research the procedure beforehand. 

  • Ensure you are in a quiet space with no distractions .

  • Ensure you have a strong Wi-Fi connection.

  • You don't need to worry about showing any body parts on camera (you will be examined by your surgeon at a later date). 

  • Ask as many questions as you like – there’s no such thing as a silly question.

  • Join the MYA Forum and talk to likeminded patients.

  • Follow MYA on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Our specialist Patient Contact Team here at MYA, are available to answer any queries and offer support throughout the patient journey should they need it. Contactable via phone on 03330141014 or via email

Surgeon Consultation

Patients will meet their expert surgeon in person at one of our MYA clinical hubs. This is a great opportunity for patients to ask more in-depth questions regarding the procedure and recovery, such as scarring, implants and aftercare. Initial surgeon consultation appointments are charged at £25; this is a non-refundable fee. If a patient would like to cancel or reschedule their appointment they must contact their MYA clinical hub within 48hrs of the appointment. Should you decide to book your procedure within 12 months of this consultation, £25 will be deducted from the overall cost.

 What happens during Surgeon Consultation:

All patients are required to attend a physical appointment at a MYA clinical hub. During this consultation, the surgeon will carry out a physical examination of the patient (there will be a chaperone present at all times) to assess their suitability for the procedure.

The surgeon will discuss the patient’s requirements and the desired look they want to achieve, they will also outline any risk and limitations and discuss patient aftercare. Patients will receive a follow up call with a Surgeon Clinic Coordinator within 24hrs to discuss next steps, answer any final questions and review the surgeon’s notes.  

It is important patients feel comfortable and confident with their MYA surgeon to move forward with surgery, which is why we allow for a cooling off period between meeting your surgeon and your procedure date. Patients are entitled to have a second surgeon consultation ahead of their operation if needed or requested by the surgeon.

 Helpful tips and hints:

  • View the Surgeon Profiles on our website.

  • Research your surgeon on the MYA Forum.

  • Follow MYA Instagram Journeys of patients with the same surgeon.

  • Prepare questions for your surgeon in advance (write them down because it’s easy to forget once you are in your consultation).

  • Take a notepad and pen to make notes.

  • Attend with an open mind (some patients have unrealistic expectations).

  • MYA surgeons are medical experts, and they will make recommendations based on your physical anatomy and desired result.

Funding your procedure

There are lots of options available to help patients fund their MYA procedure. Our Funding Solutions Team are on hand at any point in your journey to discuss payment solutions for those who are interest in learning more about finance. 

Nurse Vitals appointment

This typically takes place on the same day as your surgeon appointment at one of our MYA clinical hubs. The nurse will take pre-procedure photographs, check the patient’s vitals and blood pressure and any other requirements on review of their medical history.

During this appointment breast implant patients get the opportunity to try on implant sizer kits and get a feel for the different sizes and projections.

The nurse will also book the patient’s ePre-op appointment (via video call). Following each nurse appointment, patients will receive a follow-up call from the MYA Patient Services team to answer any further questions or concerns the patient may have. 

Helpful tips and hints:

  • Check your Patient Portal for any outstanding tasks.

  • Be mindful of the clothing you wear to the clinical hub, so they are easy to remove when your pre-op photos are taken.

  • Bring a bobble to tie hair back for pre-op photos if applicable.

  • For breast implant patients – please ensure you bring your own sports bra to try on implant sizers.

Nurse ePre-op appointment

This is a virtual consultation, (videocall) with a MYA nurse to ensure patients are prepared for procedure day. The nurse will run through their medical history in detail and will inform patients of any pre-operative actions to take (e.g. stop smoking and discontinuing the contraceptive pill).

During this consultation, the nurse will give guidance on the dos and don’ts before surgery, run through MYA’s aftercare and arrange post-op nurse appointments. The nurse will also tell patients to order their post-op bras and garments at this stage.

 Helpful tips and hints:

  • You will be supplied with your pre and post-op guides via the patient portal – please read through these in detail.

  • You must be open and honest regarding your medical history and medication - failure to do so may result in your procedure being cancelled or rescheduled. 

  • Don’t forget to order your post-op bras and garments.

Your nurse will run through the COVID-19 PCR test requirements during your consultation (PCR tests are available through MYA at your own expense).

Procedure day

Patients will receive their hospital admission time 24hrs prior to their surgery date via text and email. Patients could wait up to 6 hours from admission time to going into theatre.

 What happens at the hospital:

Patients must be nil by mouth 6hrs prior to surgery (do not have anything to eat including chewing gum). Patients can drink small sips equivalent to 30mls per hour of still clear water up to 2 hours prior to admission.

On the day the hospital nurses will help to get patients settled and ask them to change in to the hospital gown. The nurse will take the patients observations (blood pressure/weight etc) and ask the patient to take a nicotine and pregnancy test. Patients will also meet their surgeon and anaesthetist to run through the process of the day.

Following their procedure patients will be brought back to the ward and supplied with something to eat and drink, the nurse will ensure that you are strong enough to go to the toilet on their own before being discharged from hospital. Patients will be supplied with medication and pain relief if required.

 Helpful tips and hints:

  • Read back through post-op guide on the Patient Portal. 

  • You must remove all piercings, nail varnish, acrylic nails, fake tan, eyelashes and hair extensions before surgery.

  • You must not wear makeup, moisturiser or deodorant on the day of surgery.

  • Pack your phone charger.

  • Don’t forget to pack your post-op bra if applicable.

  • Don’t take any valuables with you to the hospital.

  • Patients with long hair must use a non-metal hair bobble to tie their hair back (a lot of patients put their hair in French plaits).

  • Pack loose comfy clothing for when you leave. You will be supplied with a gown, paper underwear, compression socks etc at the hospital.

  • Ensure your chaperone is prepared for your discharge from hospital. There will not be a set time -this will depend on how you feel after your surgery and anaesthetic.

  • You will be required to take a nicotine and pregnancy test. A positive result from either may result in your procedure being cancelled or postponed.

  • COVID-19 requirements may vary - please discuss this with the MYA Patient Contact team. 

Nurse Post-op appointment

Aftercare appointments will be carried out at one of our MYA clinical hubs where the nurse will assess the patient’s healing, offer any wound care advice, take post-operative photos and answer any questions or concerns.

Post-op appointments vary based on procedure type and if any delayed wound healing occurs patients may be required to attend multiple appointments.

 Helpful tips and hints:

  • It is important to remember that you are in very early stages of your healing and in some cases, it can take up to a year to see the final result.

  • Everyone’s healing journey varies – so try not to compare yourself to others.

  • At your final post-op check (6 weeks) your nurse will gain consent for your clinical before and after images to be used on the website, clinic photo hubs or on social media, please consent to share your photos and help other patients researching cosmetic surgery. 

  • View our Drop and Fluff guide.

  • View our Breast Scarring guide.

Surgeon Post-op appointment

This typically takes place between 6 weeks and 6 months post-op and patients may be offered either an eConsult or physical appointment at our MYA clinical hub. The surgeon will review the patients results, offer any further aftercare advice and give final sign off. 

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