Breast Asymmetry

Other NameAsymmetrical
MYA Patient Satisfaction96%*
ImplantsMentor Implants
Procedure Time1-3 hours
Return To Work1 week
Recovery Time6 weeks

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Procedure Overview

Breast asymmetry is extremely common, affecting more than half of all women to different degrees and can often go unidentified. Breast Asymmetry correction is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure for women of all ages.

What is Breast Asymmetry? 

Breast asymmetry is characterised by a variation in breast size, volume, and position, ranging from mild to severe. There are several reasons why a woman's breasts can change in size or volume, causing breast asymmetry, including: puberty, pregnancy, trauma or hormonal changes.  Most women's breasts vary slightly in size or shape, therefore asymmetrical boobs are not uncommon. Slight variances in a woman’s breasts are of little concern; however, if the differences are greater than one cup size, or if a patient presents with severe ptosis (sagging) in one breast it can cause patients psychological distress or self-confidence issues.

Common physical characteristics linked to Breast Asymmetry:

Uneven breasts can present themselves differently, and some patients may present with one or a combination of physical characteristics:

  • Ptosis (sagging of the breasts) 
  • Difference in size of breasts 
  • Difference in volume of breast 
  • Breasts sit in different positions 
  • Nipple asymmetry (nipples may point in different directions or appear uneven) 

Breast Asymmetry diagram

Breast Asymmetry Surgery

Breast asymmetry correction procedures can take between 1-2 hrs and are performed under general anaesthetic. Depending on personal preference and surgeon recommendations, patients have the option to be a day patient or stay overnight to recover in one of our MYA hospitals. 

Our expert MYA surgeons will correct the shape, size and position of one or both breasts, to create symmetry, often with the use of breast implants. The physical features of breast asymmetry can range from mild to severe and each breast will be treated as a separate procedure. The surgeon may recommend a combination of procedures or two different implant sizes. In severe cases, a two staged surgery is performed, but in most instances, it is possible to complete the surgery in one stage.  

Depending on which breast asymmetry correction procedure the patient undergoes, they should expect bruising and swelling to the breasts and surrounding areas and may experience tightnessdiscomfort and sensitivity following their procedure. Pain should subside after 7-14 days and pain relief will be prescribed to ease any discomfort. 

What procedures treat Breast Asymmetry? 

One of our highly skilled MYA surgeons will recommend the breast treatment plan to ahcieve the patient's desired outcome. Breast asymmetry can be treated with the following procedures: 

  • Breast Enlargement - The patient may simply require two different implant sizes to correct the breast asymmetry. 
  • Breast Uplift (Mastopexy) - The patient may require an uplift to alleviate ptsosis and correct the size and position of the breasts.
  • Breast Reduction - The patient may require a reduction on one or both breasts to create the appearance of symmetrical breasts. 
  • Augmented Matsopexy - The surgeon may suggest a breast uplift and implants to correct breast asymmetry and enhance the size of the breasts. 
  • Nipple Lift or Nipple Reduction -The surgeon may suggest to reduce the size of the areola or reposition and lift the nipple to achieve even breasts.

How much does a Breast Asymmetry procedure cost? 

Breast asymmetry surgery prices depend on the treatment plan recommend by the surgeon. A breast asymmetry correction procedure with MYA can cost anywhere from £5,795. Procedure costs are tailored to individual requirements, and you will receive a fixed price following your surgeon assessment.

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*Patient Satisfaction taken from (Private Healthcare Information Network)

Before & After

Below is a small selection of some of the asymmetrical breast correction work that our MYA surgeons have performed. See more photos when attend your initial eConsult. Please bear in mind that all photos are taken at 6 weeks post-op and scarring will continue to fade up to a year after surgery.

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