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The labia are the folds of skin around your vagina, made up of the labia majora (outer lips) and the labia minora (inner lips). Labiaplasty or labia reduction is one of the most popular vaginal cosmetic surgery procedures in the UK.

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What is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure which aims to reduce the excess, unwanted tissue of the labia minora by reducing the inner skin that protrudes outside of the labia majora. Having labiaplasty surgery carried out by an expert MYA surgeon, will give the labia a more symmetrical and neater appearance. A hoodectomy can also be performed with labiaplasty surgery to reduce the size of the clitoral hood.

How much does Labiaplasty cost?

Labiaplasty prices start from £4,645. For further information on Labiaplasty costs click here.

Whether you would prefer to pay in full, utilise our finance offerings, pay with a credit card or take out a bank loan, MYA offer many different payment options to our patients to ensure funding a cosmetic surgery procedure is accessible to all. To learn more about our finance options, click here. 

Labiaplasty surgery

Labia reduction surgery takes between 30- 60 minutes and is performed under general anaesthetic  by a board-certified plastic surgeon. Depending on personal preference and surgeon recommendations, patients have the option to be a day patient or stay overnight to recover in one of our MYA hospitals. Our expert labiaplasty surgeons use dissolvable stitches during labiaplasty surgery, so there is no need for a follow up procedure to have them removed.

Patients should expect bruising and swelling to the labia and may experience tightness and discomfort following their procedure. Pain relief will be prescribed to reduce pain and discomfort - pain should subside 7-14 days after this plastic surgery procedure.

Surgical wound care is extremely important following labia reduction surgery, wounds will be checked 4-7 days post-operatively by a MYA nurse. Patients are required to keep their incisions clean and dry and avoid using perfumed products or creams for 6 weeks post-op.

Following labiaplasty surgery, patients are required to abstain from sex and physical exercise for a minimum of 6 weeks, or until notified by their MYA surgeon or nurse, to allow the wounds to fully heal internally and externally. It is also recommended that patients avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes, and should instead wear loose-fitting clothing and cotton underwear for a week post-op, to avoid any unnecessary discomfort during the healing process.

Labia reduction is a popular choice for many women, the procedure is quick and doesn’t require much downtime for recovery. Many patients report that the results of labiaplasty surgery boosted their confidence and they no longer had to worry about discomfort during sex and exercise.

Labiaplasty procedure diagram

Why get Labiaplasty?

While it’s completely normal to have noticeable skin folds around the opening of the vagina, some women choose to have a labiaplasty to reduce this. 

As you age, hormonal changes can cause thinning of the tissue of the labia majora, therefore allowing the labia minora to become more prominent than it once was. The appearance of your labia can also be down to genetic factors and not solely because of your hormone levels.

Usually, labiaplasty is carried out for cosmetic reasons and to create a more symmetrical appearance of the labia minora. 

As the labia minora can sit outside of the labia majora, it can rub against clothing, swimwear and underwear. So, in some instances, women choose to undergo labia surgery to reduce discomfort. It can also make sexual intercourse and exercise more comfortable and enjoyable.

What are the benefits of a Labiaplasty procedure?

Every woman’s labia is different, they come in different shapes and sizes and are unique to you. However, enlarged, misshaped or asymmetrical labia may affect a woman’s day-to-day life and can cause some patients pain and discomfort. There are a number of reasons why women might consider labial reduction:

• To improve the appearance, symmetry and size of their labia

• To increase self-esteem and confidence

• To reduce discomfort during sexual intercourse

• To reduce discomfort and visibility of the labia when wearing underwear and tight fitting clothing during everyday activities

• To reduce discomfort during exercise and sporting activities

Labiaplasty Diagram pre & post surgery

How much does Labiaplasty cost in the UK?

Labiaplasty surgery can cost from £4,495 upwards. 

However, procedure costs are tailored to individual requirements and you will receive a fixed price following your surgeon’s assessment. At MYA, we offer a range of payment options for patients interested in finance. Learn more about your finance options.

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Thinking of having labia surgery? Below is only a small selection of the amazing work that MYA's labiaplasty surgeons do. Hopefully you'll be able to see someone similar to yourself to get an idea of what your result could be. When you attend your initial eConsult, your eConsult advisor will share the exclusive MYA before and after hub with you, where you'll be able to see many more surgeon-specific photos.

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Labiaplasty patient 6 - post-op


Please bear in mind that all of MYA's photos are taken at 6 weeks post-op.

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What is a labiaplasty?

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What is a Labiaplasty?
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What happens on the day of Labiaplasty surgery?

Before your labiaplasty, you will receive your hospital admission time, this is usually between 24-48 hours before your surgery date. Patients should shower either the evening before or the morning of surgery and must not apply deodorant or skincare products.

Patients must not eat anything (including chewing gum) 6 hours prior to surgery. If you do eat prior to the 6 hours, please ensure that it is a small, light meal such as 2 pieces of toast or 30g of cereal; if you eat too much, there is a risk of your operation being cancelled. You can drink small sips equivalent to 30mls per hour of still clear water up to 2 hours prior to your admission.

You will be admitted to your MYA hospital on the day of your labia reduction surgery and often be discharged the same day. Once admitted you will be taken to the ward and given your hospital gown to change into and asked to take a pregnancy test and a nicotine test.

Patients will not be taken straight to surgery, there can be a wait of up to 6 hours depending on the surgery list that day. Your hospital team will keep you updated on your operation time and will be able to answer any questions you may have. You will meet your anaesthetist and surgeon on the ward before you are taken to theatre for surgery, they will answer any further questions you have and run through the process in detail so you know what to expect.

The process of labiaplasty surgery

Your anaesthetist will administer your general anaesthetic and put you to sleep. Your labiaplasty typically takes between 30 minutes to an hour. Your surgeon will make small incisions along the labia minora and will use fine dissolvable stitches (sutures).

When your surgery is complete you will be taken to the recovery room to be brought round safely from your anaesthetic. Your pain and discomfort will also be closely managed. You will then be taken back to the ward with a sanitary pad in situ which the nurses will need to check periodically throughout your hospital stay to check for bleeding.

You will then remain on the ward to rest and recover for a couple of hours; the hospital team will bring you some food and something to drink. Depending on whether you booked an overnight stay at the hospital or a day case you will be able to leave the hospital once you have been checked over by your surgeon and the medical team are happy to discharge you. 

You will be given sanitary pads, prescribed pain relief and antibiotics to take home with you.

Labiaplasty recovery 

It can take up to 6 weeks to fully heal from labia reduction surgery. Your pain, any bruising, and swelling should subside after 7-21 days. 

Urinating can also be uncomfortable for the first few days after surgery, but the burning and stinging sensation can be eased by pouring lukewarm water from a jug over the area whilst urinating. Always pat the area dry with a towel. 

Patients are advised to keep their incisions clean and dry and can shower 24 hours post-op. Patients should not have a bath or submerge themselves in water until 10 days post-op. 

It is important to attend all your post-operative appointments at your MYA Clinical Hub, as your nurse will be able to monitor your Labiaplasty healing, check your wounds and answer any questions you may have. 

Most surgeons use dissolvable stitches following a labiaplasty. It typically takes 2 weeks for the stitches to dissolve fully and the patient can recover at home without having to attend a clinical hub to have the stitches removed by a nurse. 

Following Labiaplasty surgery, patients should not use tampons for 6 weeks post-op and should use sanitary pads instead. Patients are also advised to abstain from sexual activity and strenuous exercise for at least 6 weeks, or until notified by their MYA nurse. 

Patients are advised to ease themselves back into sexual activity as they would exercise, this means no vigorous movement or strain to the affected area. It is important to check with your MYA Nurse before returning to any sexual activity. 

After labiaplasty surgery, patients can expect to return to work 1 week post-op for an office based job. If your job is more physically demanding, you may be required to take 2 weeks off work for recovery, this can be discussed with your MYA nurse.

Does labiaplasty affect sensitivity?

Some women are concerned about how a labiaplasty may affect their sensitivity post-op. 

As there are no nerves removed or damaged during labiaplasty surgery, your sensitivity and the sensations you feel should be exactly the same as it was pre-op. Although, since unnecessary tissue is removed during the procedure, you may experience enhanced sensation after a labiaplasty. 

If you have any concerns about this, speak to your MYA nurse.

The risks of Labiaplasty

Like any surgical procedure, there are a few risks associated with labia surgery. Any risks and limitations regarding your plastic surgery will be discussed in detail during your surgeon consultation.

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